Descaling pump with high flow rate


  • Acid resistant material
  • Self-protection against damages caused by dry work
  • Hose reel handle
  • Trolley as component part available for a fast carriage also with full tank





BOSS 100 FI Descaling pump high flow rate. Boss 100 FI – has been designed to remove limestone deposits and corrosion debris from cooling and heating circuits. The plastic tank contains chemical substances safely during the descaling operation, guaranteeing to observe the colour change of the acid after the nut removal thanks to its big diameter. Equipped with Flow Inverter valve (FI), through a manual level, that guarantees to the descaling liquid to alternatively act at both side of the circuit.

BOSS 100 FI Descaling pump high flow rate, is able to resist to the action of all common descaling acid products. It has been designed to being used on site, with low weight and good stability. The pump can be used with alkaline cleansing solutions and chlorine based solutions, used for sanitization.

The use of descaling products with inhibitors, created by Manta Ecologica S.r.l. assure a fast intervention and the maximum safety for heating systems and workers.


Boss line descaling pumps, are the most suitable devices to descale boilers, wall-mounted boilers, kettles, plastic press moulding machines, heat exchangers and coils blocked by limestone. Easy handling, safety of use and maintenance, to guarantee a rapid interventation.


PRODUCT CODE – 300601009


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