Antiacid powerflushing pump


  • Unscrewign motor flange
  • Flow inverter
  • No damages in case of dry working
  • Operating up to 70°C

Technical features



The pump has been designed to offer to the final user a pump with small dimensions, light, manageable and safe. Equipped with practical wheels for an easy handling.

The supporting structure has been designed in a unique polypropylene , reinforced and shock resistant tank (in white color, for a better vision of the liquid contained inside) and a motor with vertical axis. HYPERFLUSH 36 Antiacid powerflushing pump is equipped with reinforced pipes, flexible connections for an easy connection to the system.

Equipped with flow inverter, through a manual lever, that helps to improve its efficiency, guaranteeing to the descaling/restoring liquid to alternatively acts in both sides of the circuit.

HYPERFLUSH 36 Antiacid powerflushing pump has been designed with anti-corrosion material and so, can resist to the acid products action (suitable for the descaling of boilers, kettles, heat exchangers, wall-mounted boilers and hearth-mounted boilers, cooling systems, plastic molding machines, evaporative cooling tower).

For a good operation, it is suggested to use the restoring product BP 800, BP DECALSANIT, and potentially BP 400.


The widest range of powerflushing pumps on th emarket, designed to restore and to clean the low temperature or traditional heating systems.


PRODUCT CODE – 301301001


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