Descaling pump for heat exchangers.


  • Acid resistant material
  • Operation up to 60°C and on demand up to 70°C
  • Self-protection against damages caused by dry work
  • Maximum manageability
  • Hose reel handle

Technical features



Descaling pump Boss 18 and Boss 18 FI are the most suitable device for the descale of wall-mounted boilers, boilers, heat exchangers and coils obstructed by limestone.

It is characterized by an excellent manageability, high prevalence and flow rate, safety of use and easy maintenance to guarantee the highest results and speed of intervention. It is completely made with anti-acid material, except for the motor with vertical axis, properly protected with an anti-acid shrinkable membrane.

The motor of BOSS 18 FI – Descaling pump for heat exchangers, is assembled on a strong lid on the tank closure, completely unscrewing and removable, to guarantee an extremely easy maintenance. Equipped with Flow Inverter (FI) that guarantees to the descaling liquid to alternatively act at both side of the circuit.


Boss Range descaling pumps represent the ideal equipment to descale boilers, wall-hung and floor- standing, boilers, water heaters, plastic moulding machines, evaporation towers, heat exchangers coils, fridge groups and chillers obstructed by limestone.


BOSS 18 – PRODUCT CODE – 300601004
BOSS 18 FI – PRODUCT CODE – 3006010033


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